Mykola Katyshkov

Kurzinfo / Beschreibung

2008 - 2013 graduated from Kharkov academy of Culture with „Master of ballroom choreography“ (Ukraine)

2009 - 2011 Ballroom Dance Theatre "Horizont" / Coach Alexey Litvinov

2011 one of the choreographers for the show of the french singer IN-Grid in Ukraine

2011 one of the choreographers for the magic show Darcy Oake and Lori's Togney (Cruise Company Silja Line)

2012 started working as a dancer for AIDA Cruises  

2018 began working as a trainer for AIDA Cruises

2018 choreographer for AIDA Cruises / world cruise (AIDAaura and AIDAcara)

2019 choreographer for the opening of Cirque du Dynasty (Los Angeles, USA)